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(All dates are subject to change)


October TBD: Annual Member Meeting                 


December 1: Membership Deadline for Competition Inclusion     

December 31: Board of Directors Nomination Deadline          


January 2: Online Portal for Competition Entries Open        


February 5: Board of Directors Election Ballot Distributed    


February 9: High School/College Competition Entry Deadline       


February 16: High School/College Competition Payment Deadline   


February 19-24: High School/College Competition Judging    


February 28: Board of Directors Election Voting Deadline                    


February 26: High School Competition Live Finalists Notified        

March 1: Annual Conference Registration Deadline               

March 1: All College Competition Finalists Notified                    

March 8: Annual Conference Registration Payment Deadline          


March 11: High School Live Competition                         

March 11: Annual Conference and High School Awards Ceremony

March 17: College Awards Ceremony Registration Deadline  


March 23: College Awards Ceremony                           


April 30: John King Award Nomination Deadline                 


May 31: Firefly Award Entry Deadline                            


 July 15 – 16: Board of Directors Annual Retreat            


 July 17: Summer Instructors Workshop                      

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